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Lynn Ball has reminded us that we need to send our nominations for awards to Awards Chair Joe Herron. The deadline is August 5th, 2016. The awards will be presented at the Awards Banquet, during the national reunion in Harrisburg/Gettysburg, PA, September 22-25, 2016.

Please call me at (951) 492-0667, or ascotsgreys2@aol.com, to accept one of the following leadership positions in your outpost.  The following Outpost #22 positions can be yours from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017. They are: President; Vice President; Secretary-Treasurer; Mini-Meeting Coordinator; Newsletter Editor, Annual Picnic Planner; and Chaplain. 

As of March 31, 2016, our OP #22 checking account balance was $3,661.60; our savings account balance was $3,040.36; for a total balance of $6,701.96. Thanks to Bill Rosensteel Jr’s. suggestion, and Ron Greenwood’s letter, the manager of our bank has waived the checking account “minimum balance fee” for our non-profit military service organization. Our biggest expense is publishing the every-other-month OP #22 Newsletter.  We cannot afford to purchase another memorial stone for a cemetery. But, we could afford to start an annual picnic, if there is enough interest, and an OP #22 member is willing to be the Annual Picnic Coordinator. At last year’s annual meeting, in Riverside, a member suggested that we resume our outpost’s annual Picnic by combining it with a patient picnic (or Bar-B-Q) for hospitalized veterans at one of the local VA medical centers. We could provide food and entertainment for the patients, share food, and have a meeting following the patient activity. Our family members could also come as volunteers to help us serve the food and socialize with the veterans. Other annual picnic site suggestions
included the Huntington State Beach (where there are fire rings, Bar-B-Q grills, volleyball nets, bicycle paths, running water, rest rooms, and a beautiful sandy beach). Someone else suggested that our picnic should be combined with free admission to the Knott’s Berry Farm and Old West Amusement Park (on any date between November 3 and November 21). And, another person felt that because we have outpost members in Nevada, we should have an annual picnic in Las Vegas, NV. I think that whoever coordinates an annual picnic should have the most say about the
picnic site. We have enough money to cover the first couple picnics. 

What do you think? Please call Andy, or me, with your suggestions.  I would like to wish all OP #22 members who have a birthday in May, or June, a very Happy Birthday.
Submitted by Ron Greenwood, Secretary-Treasurer

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