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Registration: 3rd ID 100th Anniversary Coins

Thank you for purchasing The 100th Anniversary Coin for the 3rd Infantry Division.

Please follow these directions carefully to ensure you order is processed correctly.

To order your Anniversary Coin is a 2 step process:
1.  Select the Series the coin you'd like to order is in.
2.  After you select the Series, another option will display underneath that listing the individual coin numbers that are still available.  Select the coin number you'd like to order.  If you can not select that number, that number has already been sold.

Please contact the Society if you have any questions.


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To place your order: Select the number series you'd like to order by clicking the box next to the series. Example: If you'd like to order #5, Select 1-25. You can select as many coin series by clicking the box next to the series number(s).
PLEASE NOTE: Coins in Series 1-25, 26-50, 51-75, 76-100, 101-125, 126-150, 326-350, & 376-400 are all sold out. Select any other series to place your order.
Serial Number(s) Desired:
Coins 1 to 25
Coins 26 to 50
Coins 51 to 75
Coins 76 to 100
Coins 101 to 125
Coins 126 to 150
Coins 151 to 175
Coins 176 to 200
Coins 201 to 225
Coins 226 to 250
Coins 251 to 275
Coins 276 to 300
Coins 301 to 325
Coins 326 to 350
Coins 376 to 400
Coins 401 to 425
Coins 426 to 450
Coins 451 to 475
Coins 476 to 500
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