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The Society of the 3rd Infantry Division has US Domestic and Overseas Life Memberships available for both Regular and Associate members.  The Life membership cost is based on your age at the time you join the Society.

The Society does allow members to upgrade from annual memberships, or sign up for Life Membership and pay these dues in quarterly installments.

Click here to signup for the Society's Lifetime membership.

 US Domestic Life Membership Application Overseas Life Membership Application
 Up to Age 39 ($400) Up to Age 39 ($1,280)
Ages 40-49 ($350) Ages 40-49 ($925)
Ages 50-59 ($300) Ages 50-59 ($685)
Ages 60-69 ($250) Ages 60-69 ($475)
Ages 70-79 ($200) Ages 70-79 ($310)
Ages 80+ ($150) Ages 80+ ($275)


Please Note:  All memberships are United States dollar ($USD) amounts.

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