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From Outpost 3, Columbia, SC.

outpost 3 febOn 5 December, 2015, the valiant members of Outpost #3 met at Fatz Café in Orangeburg, SC for lunch and a walk, or several walks, down memory lane. Horace Burnette (& wife Juliet) and Henry Burke (with wife Pennie) were our only Korean War veterans but shared fascinating stories of their time on active duty with the 3d ID.

Gabe Guevarra (and Percy) and Chris Timmers (and Cindy) were members of the “Germany contingent,” i.e., those who served with the Division in its 50+ years of assignment to West Germany. Gabe served with D company, 3d Medical Battalion, in Aschaffenburg, while Chris was posted to the 1st battalion, 15th Infantry in Kitzingen.

What was most fascinating were the stories our older vets told of the Korean War and, especially, Horace’s tales of serving in the Army as an African American in all black units. President Truman integrated the services by way of Executive Order in 1947, but true integration didn’t really start to take place until 1952. When Horace reported to Korea in 1951, he was sent to an all-black unit. How things change! Our army is stronger and better prepared to fight because of integration.

OP#3 has been approached by the VA Cemetery at Ft. Jackson to see if we would be interested in donating either a tree or a plaque to be placed on cemetery grounds. The membership voted unanimously to contribute both. Chris will follow up.

We will meet again in the June/July timeframe. We solicit input from other OP#3 members as to where our next meeting place should be. Give me a call at 803-609-0048 or click here to Email Me. ROTM!

Prepared by Chris Timmers, President

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