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Memorial Day Wreath Laying Ceremonies: On Memorial Day Outpost #7 members, families, and friends gathered at the 3rd Infantry Division Monument in Arlington National Cemetery.   After a short ceremony at the only division monument in Arlington National Cemetery, outpost members laid a Marne Patch Wreath and honored all that have served in the 3rd Infantry Division. The group then moved to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and placed the Society of the 3rd Infantry Division Wreath at the Tomb.  OP #7 activities concluded by moving to the gravesite of Audie Murphy where COL(Ret) John Insanni and LTC(Ret) Tim Stoy (OP 5845) provided details of his life and service as a Marneman.     

Submitted by Dennis Barletta, Vice President

[We thank Dennis Barletta and Pat Williamson for their dedicated service to the Society and for attending and presiding over this important event on a continuing basis.]


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