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Outpost #7 conducted its annual observance of Veteran’s Day (2015) by participating in a wreath lying at the Tomb of the Unknowns– Arlington National Cemetery. Members of Outpost #7 first met at the 3rd Infantry Division Monument where a short ceremony was conducted, followed by presentation of a 3rd Infantry Division Wreath, comments from the OP #7 President, and singing of “The Dog Face Soldier.” Participants then moved to the amphitheater where we were accompanied by the Sergeant of the Guard of the Tomb of the Unknowns where we conducted the formal wreath laying.

OP # 7 has been given approval by the Arlington National Cemetery to participate in two wreath-laying ceremonies in 2016, Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. Members of the Society of the Third Infantry Division, as well as all past and present Marnemen, are invited to join OP #7 at Arlington National Cemetery on these two occasions.

For more information on the wreath-laying ceremonies, contact OP # 7.

Submitted by Vice President Dennis Barletta

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