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President Bill Vanark opened the Outpost #18 meeting at the Five Pillars Supper Club at 10:30 AM with the playing of the “Star Spangled Banner” and an opening prayer. Historian Warren Fast again asked the membership for any early history of our outpost. Warren was informed that the early history that he has is all that is available.

Bill Vanark continued to have each member give a report on his 3rd I.D. experiences. Bob Meganck reported on his experience as a field wireman in the 58FA/Hq Btry, supporting the 65th Infantry Regiment. 

Marv Kostka gave the Treasurer’s Report. Our current balance is $607.06. Marv received a letter from National with four books of raffle tickets. A motion by Marv, then seconded by Bill Vanark, was to purchase two of these books for Outpost #18. The motion carried. Marv said his family will purchase the remaining two books. 

A discussion was held on the use of Agent Orange in Korea.  It was decided that it wasn’t used in Korea. Bill Vanark showed a plaque made to present to Past President Jerry Daddato, making him a Lifetime Member of Outpost #18. Bill sent the plaque to Jerry.

Marv Kostka was on the Honors Flight from Appleton, Wisconsin, last Wednesday. His son, Jeff, was his chaperon and told the group what a wonderful experience it was. Ed Koleske was also on the flight. On May 14, 2016, Jim Bartholomew was on the Honors Flight from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Bill Vanark reminded the group that there will be a service at the Korean War Memorial at Polver, Wisconsin, at 10:45 AM on Sunday June 5, 2016. Bill donated two 3rd Division I.D. medals to be raffled. They were won by Jim Bartholomew and Melvin Ingram. A bottle of whiskey was donated by Bob Meganck and won by Marv Kostka’s granddaughter, Annie. This donation generated $16.00 to our treasury. Our next meeting will be on October 9, 2016, at the same time and location. The meeting closed at 11:35AM with Bill Vanark playing Taps and a prayer.

Submitted by Bob Meganck, Secretary

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