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Outpost International Marks 10 Year Anniversary of Obersalzberg Tablet Dedication submitted by Monika Stoy, OP President On 5 May 2017 Outpost International conducted its 10 th annual commemoration of the liberation of the Obersalzberg/Berchtesgaden, Germany and the raising of the Stars and Stripes over Hitler’s residential compound by the 7 th Infantry Regiment the morning of 5 May 1945. 2017 is the 72 nd anniversary year of the end of WWII. The 3d Infantry Division tablet was dedicated on 5 May 2008 with the permission of the Bavarian State Government to honor the Division and correct the misinformation spread by author Stephen Ambrose in his book Band of Brothers and the subsequent drama series of the same name. OP International undertook the project at the request of many 3d ID WWII veterans, including Sherman Pratt, Lloyd B. Ramsey, Robert Dutil, and Bennett Walker, each of whom had participated in the original flag-raising ceremony in 1945.

For the first time in 10 years it actually rained during the ceremony, but the rain and cool weather did not dampen the spirits of the ceremony participants as they honored the Division’s great achievement and celebrated the strong German-American friendship and partnership which developed in the years after the end of WWII. The outpost was particularly grateful and impressed by the combined German-American color guard’s willingness to keep the colors posted the entire ceremony despite the rain.

Speakers at this year’s special 10 th anniversary ceremony were OP President Monika Stoy; LTG Keith W. Dayton, retired, Director of the Marshall Center for Eurasian Security Studies in Garmisch; Consul Scott Woodard from the US Consulate in Munich; Brigadier Rob J. Rider, CBE, the British Defense Attaché in Berlin; and Colonel Kai-Uwe Maier, the Deputy Commander of the Bavarian Territorial Command and Garrison Commander of Munich. Although unable to attend the ceremony the President of the Government of Upper Bavaria sent remarks which were read during the ceremony. The 7 th Army NCO Academy in Grafenwoehr and the 232 nd Mountain Infantry Battalion provided a combined color guard while outstanding musical support was provided by the Chamber Ensemble of the Mountain Military Band of the German Army from Garmisch.

Although no 3d Infantry Division WWII veteran was able to travel to Germany for the commemoration, Colonel, retired Douglas C. Dillard, a WWII Airborne veteran of combat in Southern France and in the Battle of the Bulge, represented the WWII generation and raised the 48-star flag as the highlight of the ceremony. The German Army was represented by Lieutenant Colonel Oliver Muhs, the acting Battalion Commander, and soldiers from the 232 nd Mountain Infantry Battalion from the neighboring village of Bischofswiesen-Strub.

The ceremony was followed by lunch in the Kempinski Hotel, with OP President Monika Stoy presenting gifts and certificates of appreciation to ceremony supporters and participants. At the lunch tenor Paul McIlvaine of Springfield, VA sang the American, British, and German national anthems. Mr. McIlvaine and his wife, Doctor (COL), retired Kathleen McHale traveled to Germany to support OP International in conducting the ceremony.

We remain very grateful to the many people who have supported this ceremony the past 10 years, but especially the Bavarian State Government, the Bavarian State Bank, Dr. Bernhard Oswald, Mr. Andreas Peter, Mr. Stefan Hackel, and especially our 3d Infantry Division veterans. On 4 May the Stoys, COL Dillard, Paul McIlvaine and COL McHale were received by Mayor Heinz Schaden, the Mayor of Salzburg, in his representational hall in the Mirabel Palace. 4 May is the anniversary date of the city’s peaceful surrender to the 3d Infantry Division in 1945. Mayor Schaden, a Society of the 3d Infantry Division member, has hosted a reception for WWII veterans and representatives of the Society each year since 2010, when the city dedicated its own commemorative plaque honoring the 3d Infantry Division’s liberation of Salzburg. The reception was once again warm and sincere, and the venue, the Marble Hall of the Mirabel Palace, is magnificent. Paul McIlvaine sang both the American and Austrian national anthems.

After the reception with Mayor and Mrs. Schaden, the group traveled to the Austrian Army Schwarzenberg Kaserne on the outskirts of the city near the airport to visit the Salzburg Military History Museum. We were escorted by Mr. Gernod Fuchs, a longtime friend of the Society in Salzburg, and Colonel (Dr.) Kurt Mitterer, the director of the museum. Along with an excellent collection of armored vehicles outside the museum itself, the museum has an extensive collection of artifacts and documents on Salzburg’s military history stretching back to Roman times. Among the many highlights is a nice collection of Napoleonic era items and documents. Dr. Mitterer took us on an abbreviated 1 hour tour (we could easily have spent a full day) through the museum and, in effect, Austrian military history!

The museum has hosted 3ID veterans and Society members annually since the inauguration of the 3 d Infantry Division plaque in Salzburg in 2010. One section of the museum is dedicated to the 3d Infantry Division for its role in the liberation of the city, and the 42 nd Infantry Division, which served in Salzburg for two years on occupation duty. The 3d Infantry Division display has pictures from the division’s time in the city and of veterans who have visited over the past 7 years. There is also a great photo of MG Iron Mike O’Daniel!

The outpost plans to conduct a historical seminar along with the museum and the city in Salzburg next year. This will be our second historical seminar in Salzburg. The first historical seminar was held in 2010 in conjunction with the dedication of the plaque in the city. For that seminar, we had COL Charles P. Murray, Jr., Medal of Honor recipient from the 30 th Infantry; Dr. Charles Phalen from the 601 st Tank Destroyer Battalion; COL William E. Ryan, Jr. from the 15 th Infantry; and Dr. Murray Simon from the 7 th Infantry Regiment participate!

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