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Outpost International, Society of the 3d Infantry Division Hosts
Korean War Historical Seminar
April 19 - 22, 2017

Outpost International of the Society of the 3d Infantry Division hosted its first Korean War historical seminar at the Hilton in Springfield, Virginia between 19 and 22 April. Throughout the course of the event over 70 Korean War veterans, family members, and interested persons participated, sharing their experiences and learning about not just their own battles but also about lesser known units, battles, and aspects of the Korean War. Outpost President Monika Stoy, Secretary and Historian Tim Stoy, member Al Goshi were the event organizers.

The seminar boasted a broad array of presentations and presenters, including several who traveled from Korea to participate in the seminar – Mr. Dennis Choi presented on the ROK Navy’s Battle of the Korea Strait on 25 June 1950; Dr. Cho of the ROK Military History Institute presented on Army Unit 8240, the Korean partisans; Mr. Choi, Ji San is filming a documentary and Ms. Chong, Koonock, another film-maker. COL Choi, Suck Ju, an Army War College student in Carlisle, PA, provided an overview of today’s ROK military.

The event received the full support of the ROK Defense Attaché’s office in Washington, with BG Pyo, Se Woo, Defense Attaché, opening the seminar on Thursday morning with his remarks, and participating in the commemorative ceremony and banquet on Saturday. ROK officers from each military service participated each day of the seminar.

Participating Korean War veterans included: MSG, US Army (ret.) Ron Rosser – recipient of the Medal of Honor; General Volney F.Warner, LTG Edward L. Rowny; LTG Julius W. Becton, Chaplain (BG), Parker Thompson; COL, US Army (ret.) John Insani; COL, US Army (ret.) Foster Fountain; COL, US Army (ret.) Douglas Dillard; Major, US Army (ret.) Arden Rowley; 1SG, US Army (ret.) Jerry Cunningham; Mr. John Jackson; Mr. David W. Mills; Mr. Joe Hampton; Mr. Chiufi Giaffo; and Mr. Bob Baker. Ms Mary Ingman represented her father, Sergeant, US Army (ret.) Einar Ingman, Medal of Honor recipient. Other participants honoring relatives were Mr. Art Sharp,Walter Jagiello, Mike Davino, John Hodges, and Paul Galloway.

The purpose of the seminar was to honor Korean War veterans and to educate a broader audience on some of the lesser known battles, units, and aspects of the war. Topics included: GEN Warner’s reminiscences from his service as a Platoon leader in the 21st Infantry Regiment in 1950-51; the Belgian United Nations Command with attached Luxembourg platoons; LTG Rowny’s (he turned 100 years old on 3 April) reminiscences of his service as plans officer for the Incheon Landing, service as X Corp Engineer and G-4, and from his time as Regimental Commander of the 38th Infantry Regiment; the 31st Regimental Combat Team East of Chosin December 1950; Task Force Dog and the extraction of the Marines from the Changjin Reservoir December 1950; 2nd Infantry Division Battles of the Eastern Corridor, Yongsan, and Kunuri; Army Unit 8240; Operation Aviary Partisan Airborne operations; the Red Cross in the Korean War; MOH recipient Ron Rosser’s reminiscences; MOH recipient Einar Ingman’s story; ROK Police Commander and National Hero Cha, Il Hyuk; Airborne and Special Operations Museum; Reminiscences of a Korean War Chaplain with the 3d Infantry Division; General of the Army Douglas MacArthur; the Battle of Outpost Harry; US Army Medicine in the Korean War; Korean War Short Snorters; Atomic Cannons and Nuclear Weapons of the Korean War; Post-Armistice US Forces in Korea until Today; and North Korean Refugee Legacy, the views of a young Korean man whose grandparents escaped North Korea through Hungnam in December 1950.

Representatives from the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency provided an update on the agency’s progress in identifying already recovered remains and the status of future recovery missions in North Korea.

It was a very full schedule and the presenters did a great job of delivering their material within their allotted periods!

On Thursday evening, we showed the recently released film Operation Chromite. Friday evening we showed the documentary Mr. Baker sponsored on the Battle of Outpost Harry.

Due to rain, we conducted the commemorative ceremony in the hotel. The US Army Brass Quintet provided outstanding musical support and the US Army Color Guard participated in the presentation of the colors. Mr. Paul McIlvaine, tenor, sang the Belgian, Luxembourg, and ROK national anthems and the Brass Quintet performed the National Anthem. Speakers were Outpost President and host Monika Stoy: BG Pyo: Consul Karl Lagatie from the Belgian Embassy: and LTG Edward Cardon, Director of the Office of Business Transformation for the US Army, representing GEN Milley, US Army Chief of Staff. Mr. David Mills, a former Korean War POW, narrated the POW-MIA ceremony. Tim Stoy served as master of ceremonies. Particularly moving was the lighting of 48 candles in honor of all the soldiers who were killed in the war, each candle representing a star on the American flag from the Korean War period.

The event culminated with a gala banquet. Outstanding pre-dinner entertainment was provided by two Miss D.C. pageant contestants – Meghan Cuddihy and Briana Kinsey, both granddaughters of Korean War veterans, who sang Korean War era songs which brought back memories for our veterans. It was a full program with BG Pyo speaking and later presenting Ambassador for Peace medals to the veterans present and to family members of Korean War veterans. Another highlight was a grog ceremony conducted by LTC, US Army (ret.) Allen Goshi, honoring the units and countries represented at the banquet, and involving veterans and dignitaries from those countries! A fantastic conclusion to the event was provided by another wonderful vocalist, soprano Dr. Park, Ji Eun.

The event was such a success all participants clamored for another seminar, and the outpost is already coordinating for another seminar 11-14 October 2017, and the Korean Defense Attaché’s office has already signed on to support the event again!

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